Birre's Camper Friends

Welcome To Belgium

Dear friends, since many years we are a groep of people who travel with campers, caravans, tents through Europe to visit events, mega-events and giga-events

Our hobby geocaching has grown to a real circle of friends whole over Europe and the world. The goal of bringing people together has become a big success and our group of friends grows bigger and bigger almost every day.

To celebrate this success we would like to invite you to the nice village of Rotselaar in Belgium.

The purpose is to have a big, great and joyfull geocaching camping weekend.

 There are 120 campingplaces on the event location (parking 1) for campers,caravans and tents. and 80 places on the Camperparking (parking 2) this for campers and caravans

!! Eventtickets and campingtickets !!

Will be online in March 2019

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Friday 30 August 2019

Welcome Camping Friends  


Camping ground opens at 10:00 (am)

In the evening everybody is welcome at our Free 

Meet and Greet 

The event starts at (6 PM) and ends at 23 o'clock (11 PM)

Our first evening will starts with a Geo-Bingo You can win a lot of great prizes

The Geo-Bingo starts at 7.00 pm and until 08.30 pm

Music Performance 8.30 pm and until 22.30 pm

" Bugsy Travels & The Ammo Boxes "

Everybody is welcome and our first step to a fine weekend is set.

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a Will Attend !!!

Saturday 31 August 2019

Everyone welcomes our main event 

Welcome To Belgium


Doors open at 8:30 (am)

At 9:00 (am) we start the main event with fun things to do, 

Shops, Geo-Games ,,,

new caches.

At 9:30 (am) A word of welcome Orga-Team.

At 9:45 (am)  Handing out listing new geocaches.

At 10:00 (am) possibility to load GPX

There will be different round-trips and everybody will be nicely surprised 

at different moments here and there.

Free entry to the event at 3 pm

Free Podium 

Music and then performances 03:00 pm and until 18.00 pm

At 18:00 (6pm) we have our tombola among the attendees , 

after which the main event will close at about 19:00 (7pm).

During the main event, drinks and foods will be available

at your own expense, but at reasonable prices.

During the evening after the event, we will have a big BBQ ,

 bring your own meat, drinks and whatever you like to BBQ.

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Sunday 1 Sep 2019

Time To Clean Up


To close the nice and great weekend, we go explore the neighborhood by cleaning trash out of the nearby 'Plas van Rotselaar' recreational site.

We do this from 09.30 AM to 11.00 AM during our CITO.

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Sunday 1 Sep 2019

Creating creative Geocoin with Birre

During this workshop, you will be guided by Birre to create together a creative Geocoin.

The workshop takes place at the main event location on Sunday 1 th Sep 2019.
The workshop will last for 2 hours, and all materials will be provided by us. 

The first ( 1 ) workshop will start at 09:00 till 11:00 (max. 10 people)

The second ( 2 ) workshop will start at 11:30 till 13:30 (max. 10 people)

To participate in this workshop we ask 25 EUR per person.

Tickets can be bought through our ticket site (online March 2019)

Sunday 1 Sep 2019

Belgium High Quality TB's

The HQ TB's will also be present.

Between 13.00 u and 17.00. u ,on Sunday only.

Main event location.

Monday 2 Sep 2019

Bye Bye Camping Friends


The event  starts at 9.00 AM and until 11.00 AM

During the last event for the camping weekend, 

 we think back about the past few days and share some nice stories of our trips and

 experiences. Everybody leaves the event location by 4.00 PM

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a Will Attend !!!

!! Eventtickets and campingtickets !!

                 Will be online in March 2019


 Birre's Camper Friends Team